About me

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself on your insurance options, it is an important step in protecting yourself for the unexpected events in life. My goal is always to be the most informative and educational resource I can be for all of the communities in which I work. I work with all of the strongest companies in the Life, Health and Medicare fields. I specialize in the Medicare insurance field, while also being very well informed and prepared for Life insurance options, and non-ACA health insurance. I assist in educating you and your family, the application process, ensuring you receive all of your documents, and any continuing customer service for the entire time I am your broker. I want to be a resource for you, your family and your friends. I’m not a large group or company, I rely on the referrals from my clients, my self-funded advertising and my work in the educational seminars I provide throughout the region to grow my business. I don’t use high-pressure or bait and switch sales tactics; if you feel good, then so do I, and I will always leave you in the best situation possible for your unique life.

Every individual has a unique solution, and I always take the time to find out what your needs are and utilize every resource available, passing the information on to you.

I know that this field isn’t about having the right answers, it’s about knowing the right questions to ask to get to the right answers.

I will never charge my clients or prospects anything at any time regardless of my outcome in the situation.

I come from a small town and have lived in larger cities, I understand the needs of many various situations in life and am able to find solutions for nearly every person.

My life-goal is always to make a positive impact on my community regardless of what I am doing at any moment.

The list of companies I work with is extensive:
Aetna (Medigap, MAPD, PDP), Cigna (Medigap, MAPD, PDP), United Healthcare (Medigap, MAPD, PDP, Indemnity), Humana (MAPD, PDP), Mutual of Omaha, Medico, Guarantee Trust Life, IAC, CSI Life, Manhattan, SilverScript, North American Life, American National Life, Gerber Life, Liberty Bankers Life, Ameritas Dental.

Good resources you can utilize today are Medicare.gov, 1-800-MEDICARE, Prescriptionhope.com, Northcarolinadrugcard.com. Additionally, here are a few highlights from the 2017 Medigap guide, and an easy to follow flowchart for a basic understanding of the choices between a Medicare Advantage plan and a Medigap supplement plan.

Specializing in Medicare for four years. Medicare is the federal health insurance plan for people 65 or older, certain younger people with disabilities, and ESRD patients. Most people do not pay a monthly premium for their Medicare Part A insurance, but there is a monthly premium for Medicare Part B insurance. This premium must always be paid in order to obtain and keep any supplemental insurance and is in addition to any monthly premium the supplemental policy may require (if any, some plans are premium-free depending on what is available in your county). Your supplemental choices are varied and unique, I will always explain all of the options unique to you when you contact me. The minimum I always urge is to have a Part D plan regardless of if you actually take any prescriptions currently. This is because of the rules that Medicare imposes on enrollees, if a person has Medicare, but does not have a Part D plan in some capacity, then the enrollee is subject to an accumulatory and non-forgiveable Late Enrollment Penalty (LEP) when they do decide to enroll into a Part D plan. There are some exceptions to this imposition based on income and resources, but it’s always disappointing news when I have to inform someone that there’s nothing that can be done about this additional cost they have to pay along with all of the other costs.

Four years in business, over 400 policies written, one individual with all the resources so you won’t get lost in a sea of corporate bureaucracy.

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