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Specializing in Medicare for four years. Medicare is the federal health insurance plan for people 65 or older, certain younger people with disabilities, and ESRD patients. Most people do not pay a monthly premium for their Medicare Part A insurance, but there is a monthly premium for Medicare Part B insurance. This premium must always be paid in order to obtain and keep any supplemental insurance and is in addition to any monthly premium the supplemental policy may require (if any, some plans are premium-free depending on what is available in your county).

Your supplemental choices are varied and unique, I will always explain all of the options unique to you when you contact me. The minimum I always urge is to have a Part D plan regardless of if you actually take any prescriptions currently. This is because of the rules that Medicare imposes on enrollees, if a person has Medicare, but does not have a Part D plan in some capacity, then the enrollee is subject to an accumulatory and non-forgiveable Late Enrollment Penalty (LEP) when they do decide to enroll into a Part D plan. There are some exceptions to this imposition based on income and resources, but it’s always disappointing news when I have to inform someone that there’s nothing that can be done about this additional cost they have to pay along with all of the other costs.

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